Sheepadoodle Puppies For Adoption

Puppies at Liberty is delighted to introduce you to our Sheepadoodles, which are a mix between a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog!

A SheepDog is a dog who can adapt well; he is so smart and has a sweet personality. He often will play “peek-a-boo” when his fluffy coat gets too long. He’s like a big ol’bear with large paws and has a rumble-tumble gait and a low-key nature about him. He loves to roll and romp and will affectionately romp with you should you sit on the ground and encourage him. He is muscular and strong but kind, gentle and intelligent; therefore makes an excellent house or watchdog. He is good with children and adults alike. If you are kind to him, he will return it in full force

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*All of our Sheepadoodle Puppies come with the following:

■ Vaccinated & Wormed
■ Vet-Checked
■ Microchipped
■ 1-Year Genetic Health Warranty

Reserve your puppy by making your non-refundable* $400 deposit with the Paypal button below the puppy of your choice. After that, we will contact you to schedule your pick up date and time (remaining balance due with KY tax when you pick up). Please call or email with any questions!

*Substitutions and exceptions at the discretion of the breeder.

Please read our Puppy Agreement before placing a deposit on one of our puppies.

Available Sheepadoodle Puppies

Mina & Peter’s Sheepadoodles

Mina (mother, left) and Peter

Our Sheepadoodles are ready to come home with you! We will be asking a deposit of $400.
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About our Sheepadoodle Puppies

Sheepadoodles are a designer breed comprised of both Poodle and Old English Sheepdog, and are currently rather uncommon. They are known for being smart, willing and trainable. They’ll keep you laughing at their spunky, goofy attitudes while impressing you with their intelligence and tenderness. Their kind hearts do best with positive-reinforcement training, and their soft, silky, non-shed coats will require regular grooming.

Testimonials & Puppy Updates

Click any picture for a larger image.

This is  Marlow, (formerly Kliff). He’s a doll baby!!!! We know he’ll be a big boy, but we just love him so much!~Myles

This is Zuri (formerly Kelsi), our sweet girl..


We are so in love with our little Si (formerly Kip).  He totally runs the house!  He has stolen my heart! He has been our life-saver after our great loss of our beloved Payton (his adopted brother).

This is Barnes (formerly Kurli).  He is just part of the house now and is doing great with training.  He has mastered “come” and “sit”.  He loves to play with everyone and is very loved.  He has even gone to work with ‘dad’ and ‘myself’!


We are brand-new doggy parents!  Our family of 4 decided that it was time to add to our number.  Meet Klaire!  She is very affectionate, greets everyone and loves the snow.  She was such a trooper, flying on a plane to get to us!  I work from home sometimes and she is my helper.  She enjoys going places with us in our travels.


Kandice playing at the dog park w/new family.

Kass enjoying her new home.

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