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The EnglishDoodle is a sweet mix of an English Setter and a Standard Poodle.

The English Setter is often a smooth-coated dog who will be small to medium build. Her coat will often be speckled or flecked with other colors under her topcoat. She is lively and proud of her skills to be either (both) a show dog and/or a dog out in the field. She has a good memory and is proud but sweet and ever so loyal. She is desperate to be your companion and will nudge you often for affection. She needs exercise and loves to romp and play. English Setters can often be trained to be therapy dogs because of their agility and willingness to obey.

The Standard Poodle is a medium size dog. She has a curly-haired coat that is soft and bushy. She has floppy ears and a long nose. She is known to be intelligent and trainable. She is sensitive to the tone in your voice. Poodles are also known for not shedding and being hypoallergenic.


*All of our Englishdoodle (sometimes spelled “English Doodle”) Puppies come with the following:

■ Vaccinated & Wormed

■ Vet-Checked

■ Microchipped

■ 1-Year Genetic Health Warranty


Reserve your puppy by making your non-refundable* $400 deposit with the Paypal button below the puppy of your choice. After that, we will contact you to schedule your pick up date and time (remaining balance due with KY tax when you pick up). Please call or email with any questions!

*Substitutions and exceptions at the discretion of the breeder.


Please read our Puppy Agreement before placing a deposit on one of our puppies.



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Testimonials and Puppy Updates

Odin (formerly George) in Arizona! He is as tall as our full-grown F1b Goldendoodle. I love that he is so proud, always has his tail in the air. He LOVES water, will swim in our pool and lay in the baby pool! Odin is a big laid back guy who loves to cuddle. He is our fourth doodle and has a special bond with each of our other dogs. He especially loves wrestling with our oldest 10-year-old Goldendoodle. Odin has been so good for her as she needs to stay active! Odin is a big momma’s boy and follows me everywhere around the house and sleeps beside my bed. If my door is shut he lays right at the door. He loves all of our kids and is a cuddler. He has done some expected chewing but over all as a puppy he has been so well behaved and easily corrected. Thank you for him and arranging his shipping to us in sunny Arizona!



He (formerly Gilbert) is a quick learner, very smart! He has adjusted very well.



Ollie (formerly Greg)