Englishdoodle Puppies For Adoption

Our Englishdoodle pups are lovable, bouncy, healthy dogs that are very trainable and eager to please. From their English Setter mom they get an exuberant, friendly personality and lots of energy. They love to have a job to do so I try to provide that whenever possible. They even know how to bed their own kennel! All I do is toss them a bale of shavings and they do the rest—it’s entertaining to watch them all go at it!

Both Setters and Poodles are water dogs, so these guys have a fascination with water from a young age. They really enjoy running around in the rain, splashing through the creek, and I’m sure the pond will be a favorite attraction once the weather warms up.

From their Standard Poodle dad, these guys get an intelligent, regal attitude. Our Poodles have a light, graceful way of moving and it really shows up in the pups. They are also very tidy dogs and seem to enjoy grooming sessions. Whenever I come around with a brush they all push and shove for the chance to be groomed! The pups don’t mind getting wet and muddy during the day but overnight they all sleep together and by morning they’ve got each other cleaned up and looking good again.

These pups are extremely docile and agreeable—they try to play with the older dogs but they’re really submissive and interact very well. They love anyone who will give them a bit of attention and several of the pups are extremely cuddly—they’d rather curl up in your lap than chase a ball!


*All of our Englishdoodle (sometimes spelled “English Doodle”) Puppies come with the following:

■ Vaccinated & Wormed

■ Vet-Checked

■ Microchipped

■ 1-Year Genetic Health Warranty


Reserve your puppy by making your non-refundable* $400 deposit with the Paypal button below the puppy of your choice. After that, we will contact you to schedule your pick up date and time (remaining balance due with KY tax when you pick up). Please call or email with any questions!

*Substitutions and exceptions at the discretion of the breeder.


Please read our Puppy Agreement before placing a deposit on one of our puppies.



Suzie and Lance’s Englishdoodle Puppies


Born July 14, 2018

Our new litter of English Doodles have arrived! There are two males and one female. They are fat and healthy and Suzie (English Setter) is being a great mom, as always! Their dad is Lance (red & white Standard Poodle).

Price is $975. We are taking deposits of $400 to hold these cuties!

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Zadok – SOLD

This little guy is extremely laid-back and low maintenance. He would probably let me carry him around all day! But he’s happy just sprawled out, or playing some kind of puppy games with his littermates. Very easygoing and adaptable. He thinks he’s one of the big guys and spends time with our big Boxer cross whenever he gets the chance!




This little girl is a beauty with her bright white coat and shiny black accents! She is a playful pup who loves to explore and hang out with the bigger dogs. She has been very accepting of new experiences like crates, bathtime, and unfamiliar people. She loves to be cuddled!

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Zeke – SOLD

This fella craves attention and he’s irresistibly cute! He slows me down because chore time turns into playtime with Zeke. He’s always underfoot, and into everything that I’m doing! He does great with our other dogs, (older puppies, seniors, and everything in between!) loves toys, is very food-motivated.



Upcoming Englishdoodle Litters

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*Puppy reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Previous Englishdoodle Puppies




Testimonials and Puppy Updates

Odin (formerly George) in Arizona! He is as tall as our full-grown F1b Goldendoodle. I love that he is so proud, always has his tail in the air. He LOVES water, will swim in our pool and lay in the baby pool! Odin is a big laid back guy who loves to cuddle. He is our fourth doodle and has a special bond with each of our other dogs. He especially loves wrestling with our oldest 10-year-old Goldendoodle. Odin has been so good for her as she needs to stay active! Odin is a big momma’s boy and follows me everywhere around the house and sleeps beside my bed. If my door is shut he lays right at the door. He loves all of our kids and is a cuddler. He has done some expected chewing but over all as a puppy he has been so well behaved and easily corrected. Thank you for him and arranging his shipping to us in sunny Arizona!



He (formerly Gilbert) is a quick learner, very smart! He has adjusted very well.



Ollie (formerly Greg)