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About Puppies At Liberty

Our Goals

Here at Puppies At Liberty, our goal is to breed and raise beautiful, healthy, well-balanced puppies that will be mannerly, friendly companions for years to come. We put a lot of effort into our dogs and puppies, and we think that it will make a big difference for you. Here’s why.

Most eight-week-old puppies are adorable. Sometimes though, behind that irresistible face is a heap of problems. Careless breeding may result in genetic problems. Careless feeding and upkeep may result in disease and parasite problems. Lack of interaction with people and other dogs may result in psychological problems.

We are serious about caring for our puppies’ health in each of these areas. This starts with the parents of the puppies. Our dogs are more to us than breeding machines. They are intelligent, beautiful animals that God created and has entrusted to us to care for. We like to see our dogs living happy, contented lives. They spend much of their time roaming the fields and woods around us, playing with each other, or just snoozing on the front porch. We groom them regularly, paying special attention to our Standard Poodles which require clipping and ear cleanings. They always have an extra spring in their step after a bath and a clip—they seem to know that they look gorgeous! We think that the temperament, health and well-being of the parents has a lot to do with how the puppies turn out.

From the day the puppies are born, we handle them regularly. Some mothers are more protective than others but ours are okay with this. We have a schedule of preventative care for the pups and their mother including vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick treatments, and microchipping. We prefer to avoid as many health issues as we can. The pups are weaned around 5 weeks old, this varies with the individual litter and sometimes mom decides for us! We give them access to puppy food as soon as they show interest. Our kennels are bedded with pine shavings and cleaned as often as necessary, which is usually twice a day (sometimes more—puppies sure know how to make a mess!).

We really stress handling and socializing our puppies. We feel that interaction with other dogs is very important so as soon as possible we introduce the litter to some of our adult dogs and let them play together. This part of the process is a lot of fun. The older dogs are so curious and some of them get very excited the first time they meet the new puppies. For the most part they are gentle and patient but they’ll put the pups in their place if necessary. Much of a puppy’s behavior is picked up from other dogs, and that’s why we like ours to be spending some of their time with older, wiser, well-behaved dogs.

Our breeding adults are healthy and well-cared-for and we try our best, but they are not perfect. (We love them anyway, of course!) We take the parents’ temperaments and quirks into consideration while we’re caring for and evaluating the litter, and give extra attention to potential problem areas like possessiveness or excessive timidity. We also like to desensitize the pups to things like bathing, brushing, nail trimming—little everyday things that can become issues if not handled properly.

We want to do everything we can to get our pups off to a good start. We think it will help ensure the satisfaction of our customers, and the quality of life for our dogs.


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